Ceiling Fan Installation

Looking for a professional electrical contractor for home ceiling fan installation?

Installing a ceiling fan is similar to other overhead fixtures, but the weight of a ceiling fan adds another layer of complexity. We recommend hiring a professional electrician to install your ceiling fans to save time and money and ensure the installation is safe and up to code.

Ceiling fans are more than just decoration.  They are one of the best solutions to provide any room with air circulation and lighting when you need it most.  In warm weather, a ceiling fan is your best friend as it provides a breeze and circulates cool air throughout the room.

Most people only think of using ceiling fans for cooling in the summer months. By reversing the rotation of the blades, you can recirculate warm air near the ceiling down to where you can enjoy the warmth.  This makes your home more evenly warm throughout and saving you money on heating during cool or cold weather.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installers

Installing new wiring to locate a ceiling fan where no overhead light exists is best left to an electrician. But having an electrician replace an existing fan also has advantages beyond just convenience and avoiding risk of shock.

  • Ensuring sufficient support – In many cases, ceiling fans cannot be supported by an outlet box alone, because of the added weight of a fan. Our network electricians will be able to check that the support system inside of the ceiling can handle the weight of the fan over time. If the support isn’t sufficient, they can add additional bracing or an outlet box specially designed to carry the weight.
  • Make sure the installation complies with local regulations – In many areas, fan installations must be done according to building code. Our electrical contractors know local codes inside and out.
  • Time and money savings – Especially if you are installing multiple fans, a professional will usually be able to complete the job much more quickly and in a manner that will reduce the risk of future costly repairs.
  • Balancing – After installation, fans must be balanced to prevent shuddering and excessive noise. A professional knows how to balance a fan and keep it from wobbling in the future.

Cost of Ceiling Fan Installation

A simple ceiling fan installation can cost anywhere from $144 to $360, with $248 being the national average. The cost of fan installation can rise to $600 if the installation is complicated or the region is difficult to access. Labor costs typically range from $50 to $200, though this varies depending on geographic area. Residential ceiling fans can cost anything from $50 to $1,400, while commercial models can cost up to $3,500. New wiring switches, circuits, and electrical boxes can add $150 to $500 or more to the cost of a new ceiling fan installation, depending on any difficulties with the installation. All of these elements, including the type of ceiling fan chosen by the homeowner, might influence the cost of ceiling fan installation.

With endless lighting options, you’re able to set any mood you’re looking for.  Don’t settle for just another lamp when you can provide stunning lighting and circulate air with a modern, attractive ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans can be a pain to install, especially if you’ve never done it before.  Attempting to install a ceiling fan yourself is risky.  Untrained homeowners could potentially cause issues and there is a risk of electrocution.  If your handyman skills are not up to the task, don’t worry, we have experienced electricians in your area to install any type of ceiling fan, from the largest to the smallest.